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System Integration

Sigmia offers end-to-end system integration services for a host of Oracle Retail business applications. Our pragmatic approach to system integration stems from our extensive implementation experience which is infused with standard project management principles.

The process begins with an initial collection of the core business functional requirements. These provide the framework to build a basic system prototype that is available to the users early on. This allows us to provide them with the opportunity to get a real feel of what the system looks like and how the basics work. Additionally, this permits the end-user community to provide feedback based on a concrete and functional prototype implementation, rather than a mocked-up model that they cannot interact with.

We continuously integrate functionality to the prototype, taking into account any user feedback, releasing feature-enriched versions in regular intervals so that they can be reviewed by the end users. We have found that by following this process, the end users adopt and learn to master the implemented applications with less effort involved. Having exposure with these prototypes, allows them to specify their business requirements in a more informed manner, which effectively minimizes change requests at late implementation stages and enables Sigmia to deliver the system that the users have been striving for to begin with.

This approach is complemented by proactive collaboration with the client's in-house IT team to ensure smooth progress on the IT infrastructure front of the implementation. This way, the in-house IT team has the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the implemented system and climb up the learning curve while things are not critical. Our objective is to ensure that the in-house IT resources eventually administer the application, acquire all the requisite experience and build-up their confidence in undertaking system support well before the Go-Live stage.

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Sigmia is a specialist provider of system integration and consulting services for Oracle Retail, focused on Merchandise Planning & Optimization and Supply Chain Planning & Execution solutions.

Sigmia is a gold member of the Oracle Partner Network.

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